Year after year, the cost of utility bills rises, so it’s essential to keep control of appliances such as air conditioning devices to avoid absurd bills. While many people do not know, there is a simple hack to test the performance of your air conditioner. Al you have to do is turn on the unit for 15 minutes when temperature outside hits 26.5 degrees or higher.

With a precision thermometer, after 15 minutes, measures the temperature variation in the flow originating from the supply ducts closest to the unit and the air coming into the return ducts. The temperature deviation should be 12 degrees.

If you find out your aircon isn’t as working as well, it should use any or several of the following measures to get your unit to perform better.

  1. First of all, call the service technicians to inspect your unit. An expert can inspect coolant levels, clean coils, and clear filters and measure airflow over cooling coils. These three elements alone can decrease an aircon’s performance by up to 40%.
  2. Change or clean the filters every month. Blocked filters collect fluff that reduces airflow, so your air conditioner needs to work harder to diffuse the air.
  3. Remove any obstacles around your equipment. Make sure the surrounding space is clear so the unit can bring air into your system.
  4. If you have a fan running, make sure it is at least half a metre from the unit. Dirt from a fan will likely stick to condensation batteries and will affect the efficiency of your aircon.
  5. Clean the coils of your air conditioner. Dirty coils can decrease the performance of air conditioning by 10%. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning. Most units like Mastercool can be washed with soap and warm water and a pressure cleaner. If needed, use a toothbrush.
  6. Check if the pipe insulation is in proper condition. If you seal the ducts with putty tape or sealant and wrap them with fiberglass materials, this small improvement will soon give you a return on investment with energy savings.
  7. Do a visual inspection of the pipes. Obstacles in the ducts are nearly as damaging as leaks for decreasing energy performance. Dirty ducts can moreover clog the machine’s evaporator coils, reducing the effectiveness even more.
  8. Do not obstruct the air outlets. This means keeping furniture away vacuuming them periodically.
  9. Turn up the heat by a degree or two if you are leaving the room for a while. Each thermostat grade rise will reduce your energy bill by as much as 9%.
  10. Keep the unit fan on automatic mode. As a result, the fan won’t run continuously and will help preserve the equipment
  11. Use ceiling fans to keep the air circulating throughout the house. This will achieve a uniform atmosphere without the turn your equipment up too high or too low.
  12. Check that your cooling space is well ventilated, but there are no leaks through doors or windows. A leaky room can increase your cooling expenses by up to 10%.
  13. Use blinds or curtains to screen any part of the room where the sun enters intensely. You could also buy screens made from a special fabric to block sunlight without covering the windows.
  14. To have a comfortable environment, try to sparingly use appliances that give off a lot of heat, such as the oven, washing machine, or tumble dryer.
  15. Finally, do not forget to check all the appliances in your home for possible malfunctioning. The failure of electrical appliances accounts for about 30% of a home’s electricity bill.





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