We all want our walls to be nice, clean and beautiful. To achieve this we use the two main methods – painting and wallpapering. Before we even begin to think about applying one of these two, however, there is a very important process that needs to be done and that is often underestimated – plastering.

Why is it so important then? Simple – as with everything, the foundation is the most important part and when it comes to painting or wallpapering, by plastering the wall you will make sure that the foundation for your new paint or wallpaper will be perfect. If you choose to skip that, chances are that wallpaper can be easily torn from a bump from the wall or the paint will be unevenly applied.

Plaster types

There are two main types of plastering – gypsum-based and cement-based. The main difference is that gypsum-based is used mainly for indoor walls and final touches while the cement-based are suitable for the exterior and on places where the wall is in a pretty bad condition. Either way, for perfect results it’s better if you call a professional to do it for you. We at London Handy Team will gladly visit your property for a free, no-obligation assessment and consultation. We have highly trained experts and offer some of the most affordable rates for plastering in London. After the foundation of your walls is perfect, you can also rely on us for applying paint or wallpapers and finish the restoration of your walls.

Call the professionals

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