Many London homes have a loft into which no one has ever ventured, or if they have it is used as a dumping ground for all the unused items in the home. Often homeowners are not aware of how much space is available up there and how useful it can become. A loft conversion is an ideal way to make maximum use of the space available in the home.

A loft conversion need not be a major undertaking, as it is possible to convert the space without making any changes to the structure of the home. By simply strengthening the floors and brightening up the space, it can become a children’s play area or an office or study for grown-ups or students.

The addition of a skylight or small window should not be a huge job either, and often attic spaces already have some form of natural light.

If however, you choose to make maximum use of the loft space, you can have an entire bank of windows included, or even a dormer that provides additional space. A loft can become a guest bedroom, an extra bathroom, or even a self-contained unit for a grown-up child who needs a little privacy.

In most instances, it is not necessary for the family to move out or even to be inconvenienced to any extent, as the only major difference to the rest of the home would be the addition of the necessary stairway to the new space, as a habitable space requires more than a ladder or extending steps. A professional London loft conversion company will ensure that everything complies with building regulations, and will take care of planning permissions if they are required.

An extra bathroom, office or playroom, the ideas are endless

One bathroom is often not enough for a family home, so an extra bathroom can be built in the loft space, or a new full-sized bedroom in the loft conversion will allow an existing box room to be converted to a bathroom.

The ideas are endless, as the loft space is generally the size of an entire floor, and so it may even be possible for a bedroom and bathroom to be built up there, or a studio-style space with bedroom, living area and study area for a student. Those still requiring storage space could convert half the loft and have the rest fitted with custom cabinets and shelving for storage.

An attic conversion will not only provide you with an extra bedroom or working space but in the process will add value to your home. A three-bedroom house becomes a four-bedroom property, or a home with two bathrooms; whereby making it a much more attractive property to buyers.

Owning your dream home may not be as far away as you imagine. You do not need to move house to turn your home into everything you have always dream of having; making use of extra space storage now available to you can make an enormous difference to the house you already own.

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