Every home has compact spaces that need the right approach in decorating; be it a studio apartment, duplex, or larger; small rooms reap big rewards with simple styling.

No matter your taste in decorating, even a small room in your home can have a huge appeal. The trick is knowing how not to overdo it when it comes to furnishings. It’s a true case of “less is more,” and the possibilities are endless if you keep that in mind. Read on to learn how to give your small room a big makeover.


With the average bedroom size 10′ x 12,’ there’s no room for furniture overload in this small space. Here, the bed itself is prominent, so choose a style that reflects your individual decorating taste and get the best bed, mattress, box spring, and linens that your budget can handle. You can find affordable beds at www.cheapbedsale.co.uk. Allow yourself the indulgence of a great headboard and footboard — something that draws the eye into the room at first glance. Keep in mind, though, that to keep the space apportioned, bed size should not be larger than a double, so there’s still a sense of airiness to the room.

Keep to an eye-pleasing wash of colour, sticking with a monochromatic theme. Try pale blues and grey tones, muted greens, or corn silk yellows, blending in various hues of the same colours in the accents and bed linens.

This is not the place for large chests of drawers, bulky desks, or accent furniture. Go with a simple narrow dresser and a vintage coat rack; to keep things like belts, bathrobes, or jackets close at hand. Alternatively, make the most of the available space with tall furniture that goes from floor to ceiling – this way, you get plenty of high storage for items that are not used very often.

A simple chair or small cloverleaf table works well for a nightstand or try an old trunk or a stack of vintage suitcases to double as tabletop and storage for blankets or pillows.

For a single or child’s room, there are many captains’ beds and high sleepers with storage underneath.

Living Room

This is the room where you kick back and relax; it may also be the room where a guest spends the night. Versatility is key: First and foremost, invest in a sofa-bed; two pieces of furniture in one.

Hang or prop an oversized mirror along the wall opposite the entryway to the room to give an immediate focal point and encourage the perception that the room is larger than it is. Scour antique shops or look for reproduction mirrors that are glazed to look old; for a style that works with both traditional and contemporary decorating.

Don’t overcrowd a wall with a jumble of framed prints or photos; the resulting look resembles unorganized clutter and actually makes the room feel smaller and too hectic. Choose one or two great pieces and let them speak for themselves.


Install recessed lighting with dimmer switches above the main traffic area: This is especially effective if there are no windows in the room, you have a narrow galley-type kitchen, or you want to control the level of lighting at particular times for ambience.

Paint walls in white or neutral shades but finish the ceiling in a bright colour like a cumin yellow, lettuce green, or chili pepper red; to add dimension and depth; this is where recessed lighting really helps.

Add a small throw rug or runner in the complementing colour hues of the ceiling, thus tying together both floor and ceiling.

Narrow bench seating along a wall can help eliminate the bulkiness of chairs around the table, especially if the room flow is tight.

If wall space is limited, consider adding a set of decorative pendant lights or a pendant chandelier above the table or sink area; to draw the eye up and outward from the edges of the room.

A little imagination and thought will provide you with simple solutions to limited space.



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