is becoming more commonplace for people to follow their dreams and move to Spain and build a dream home. The Costa Blanca is one of the most popular locations for ex-pats from the UK, as it offers an easy transition from the British to the Spanish way of life. A well-known town on the Costa Blanca is Javea, which has virtually everything and anything you could ever want and more – from excellent eateries to stunning beaches and some truly spectacular views. So, if you want to relocate but are undecided where, this part of Spain is an excellent choice.

If only it were as simple as jumping on the next available flight and buying an apartment when you get over there. However, as you would imagine, it is not. To help make the process as easy as it can be, we have put together our top 5 tips in the hopes you manage to make your dreams come true.

Count the Cost

When you decide that it is Spain and maybe even Javea that you want to move to, you need to assess your financial situation. Although the apartments’ price is very affordable, the actual moving costs are not as inexpensive. You also must factor in the legal costs, shipping costs, and possibly even the language lesson costs. Although many of these may not apply to your specific circumstances, the point is that unless you properly calculate if you can afford the big move or not, you could find yourself in financial hot water.

Be Aware That Fluctuations in Currency Can and Do Happen

As you will be changing from Great British Pounds to Euros, if you successfully move to Spain, you need to know that changing currency can have both positive and negative outcomes. When you find a property you are happy with and want to pay for it, be careful when you transfer your funds to pay for it, as the exchange rate can change at any point. It could mean that you are paying more, or if you are fortunate, less for your property than you expected. While it is unlikely to be a huge amount, you can still factor into your decisions.

Never Underestimate the Wisdom in Budgeting

Although choosing the best apartment for your needs and circumstances is vital, ensuring that you can afford to pay for it is even more crucial. When budgeting, look at how much you can stretch to if you need to secure that property you want and prepare yourself for the possibility that you may have to delay your plans until you work out some financial issues or raise more funds.

Buying Property in Spain Is Different to The UK

Buying property, such as an apartment, Spain, is a lot simpler than it is in the UK – however, there are differences that it is wise to familiarise yourself with to avoid any mistakes. Conduct some research or hire an expert Javea estate agent to help you go through the process correctly, without any errors or setbacks.

Stay in The Area Before You Buy

Although this is probably easier said than actually put into practice, you must visit the place you are looking to move to before you actually buy property there. Even if you just stay in an Airbnb or a hotel close by a property you are interested in, you will learn a lot of important things such as what the neighbourhood is like, the climate, the level of noise, the neighbours, and if there are enough facilities etc.



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