The bathroom is undoubtedly quite a significant room in the house. It doesn’t have to be just a bathroom, however. With our help, you could also turn it into your very own paradise, a beautiful and cozy place to relieve all the stress and worries from a tiring day. This is why you have to make sure you pick the right design for it.

London Handy Team can give advice on how to make a bathroom look larger. If a customer’s bathroom is small and the purpose is to create the optical illusion of it being more extensive, the colours, the tiles, the cabinets, the light, the mirror and the door(s) need to be taken into consideration. We suggest you use mainly light colours, while dark colours should only be used on the shorter walls (provided the bathroom is long and narrow). Floor and wall tiles and the size you pick for them are also crucial for how your bathroom will look. Large cut tiles would contribute to the illusion of a larger bathroom. Choosing a more gentle pattern that repeats on the floor and is mainly horizontal, might as well be a good idea.

The position of the bathroom furniture can provide extra space, but you need to be cautious about the bathroom cabinets. In essence, they make your bathroom look cleaner and well-arranged if they are placed with consideration. Small floor cabinets are the best option here since they are not that space-consuming.


A bathroom always needs good lighting. A skylight, a bay window or a glass block wall can do well. More light means more space visually. It’s generally preferable to have natural sunlight flowing in, so a bay or a glass block wall window can work miracles. A specific detail you need to remember is that more light means more space, so see if you can replace your current window with a bigger one – this will brighten up the space. A skylight is another innovative way of providing more light and increasing the feeling of roominess. A large mirror and a glass shower enclosure can be great additions to the place. This can be done by replacing the current window with a bigger one to get natural light by adding a skylight to increase the incoming light by choosing reflective surfaces or by fixing the biggest possible mirror. A glass shower enclosure is also highly recommended.

The mirror can also contribute to the better and more luxurious appearance of your bathroom. It reflects both natural and artificial light, which helps the space look bigger. Picking up the perfect size, style, and cover of your mirror can turn an ordinary bathroom into a modern and refined one. Finally, the use of sliding doors can also make the bathroom look bigger and more spacious.

Regardless of what your goals with your bathroom refurbishment are, London Handy Team can make your vision come true. All our bathroom fitters are highly skilled and experienced in providing quality bathroom fitting. You can count on our professionalism and attention to detail to deliver results that ensure minimum inconvenience to you and your family.

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